Macau 2014 / Workshop Program

Classical Dance (Adults | Open Level & Children | 7-10 years)
Both for Adults as for children the classes offer basic exercises for understanding the Classical Dance, promoting the acquisition of skills, understanding of the body, and of this particular style of Western Dance, using the vocabulary of classical dance, rhythms and dynamics appropriate to each movement. The level of difficulty and complexity will be adjusted to the level of the group composing the class without stiffness and in a freer learning method providing that all bodies may try this technique without constraints and promoting the pleasure of dance and body consciousness.
Teacher: Pedro Paz & Joana Silva

live dance

Contemporary / Amalgama Movement
Through an intensive approach to the methodology in open level, it invests in development of contemporary dance, approaching the participant of the main concepts that have created contemporary dance. Floor exercises, and center lines, with the development of body awareness, flow motion release, center of the body, breath until ace sequences in space and time, suspension and falls, jumps, rhythms and launches. Its purpose is to offer a set of knowledge, practices and tools which contributes for an artistic training in a process of personal development with the “Dancing Body”.
Teacher: AlSandra Battaglia


Puppets Construction
The aim of this Workshop is to introduce, through a brief historical and cultural approach, the puppets in the world. Introduction to puppet building. Different building and manipulation techniques. Relationship between actor/puppeteer. The puppet under a multimedia approach.
Teacher: Elisa Vilaça

Puppets Construction

Singing Body & Movement
The Body sings and enchants while dancing, expressing and allowing itself, free, authentic and in peace with the present culture. In this workshop we’re going to explore the voice that comes from inside an entire body, expressed by a fluid and natural singing. Mantras and traditional songs from several parts of the world will be also learned.
Teacher: Pedro Paz

Singing Body & Movement

Physical Training Movement for Drama Artists
Body and Plastic expression of Body and Soul. Going through games, exercises, guided and improvised proposals in continuum present, developing self-awareness, spontaneity and authenticity of expression and knowledge of body, space and time. This will enable taking consciousness of breath, of organic nature of the movement of the body and the potential of its expression in relation to the unit. Postures, breathing, tone, flexibility, basic actions of the movement, rhythms, dynamics, levels, directions, qualities, duration, energy and space dimension in created motion. All of these tools so precious for the Actor will be addressed.
Teacher: AlSandra Battaglia


Traditional Dance of Portuguese Influence
The Traditional Portuguese Dances have, beyond a pedagogical component, an important role in the individual awakening to the cultural aspects that characterize the Portuguese culture. Knowing closely the Traditional Dances is to learn a little history of populations of the regions they inhabit, their festive religious and labor habits, and also the diversity of cultural and popular art forms. In short, what distinguishes, identifies and characterizes a Culture/Nation.
Teacher: AlSandra Battaglia, Joana Silva & Pedro Paz

dança traditional portuguesa

Traditional Music of Portuguese Influence
This Workshop aims to open the channels of spontaneity and creativity in order to capture the spirit of the tradition that each and every one inherited an expression of culture with its own voice. There is certainly a timeless memory of rituals and traditions that are individual and collective processes of passing a message, interactions with the people and the environment, a process called “living experiences”. In this workshop we will work Traditional and Portuguese songs and music.
Teacher: Rui Filipe Reis

About unitygateplatform

UNITYGATE – Pontes entre o Oriente e o Ocidente Plataforma de Intercâmbio Cultural entre Portugal e Macau UNITYGATE é uma plataforma de trabalho baseado na convergência das culturas através de um programa anual de intercâmbio artístico e cultural entre o Oriente e o Ocidente. Com o lema unidade na diversidade, o projeto reúne diferentes áreas e culturas, promovendo o  intercâmbio do conhecimento e das ligações entre os grupos, procurando assim a dimensão holística da arte. O UNITYGATE é um projeto pluridisciplinar e multicultural que cruza a tradição com a contemporaneidade. Os objectivos gerais são promover a criatividade, a troca de conhecimentos e competências no desenvolvimento artístico e pessoal, numa aprendizagem continua com e através da Arte. Criar sinergias entre diferentes culturas dentro de cada território. Reflecte ainda, no sentido holístico e transversal da Arte, sobre o encontro entre culturas e a Cidadania nómada dos tempos actuais. Embora o UNITYGATE tenha nascido entre Portugal e Macau, acreditando que ambos são sementes de convergência e unidade das diferentes culturas, o projeto pretende crescer e estender-se a outros países do Oriente e Ocidente. Contamos já para 2014 estender o UNITYGATE à Suécia numa parceria artística com o projecto MAN MUST DANCE_Transnational Livestream performance (no âmbito do Programa de Umea Capital da Cultura 2014). Outros contactos estão a ser feitos no Oriente no mesmo sentido. UNITYGATE – Bridges between East and West Cultural Exchange Platform between Portugal and Macao UNITYGATE is a platform of work seeking convergence and unity of cultures through an annual program of artistic and cultural exchange between East and West. Through unity in diversity, the project gathers different areas and cultures, promoting exchanges of knowledge and boundaries between the groups, towards a holistic art search. UNITYGATE is a multidisciplinary and multicultural project crossing tradition and contemporary. The general objectives are to promote creativity, exchange of knowledge and skills in Artistic and Personal Development, through a continuous learning with Art and through Art. Create synergies between different cultures within each territory. It reflects yet, through Art, in the holistic and transversal sense of the Art, about the encounter between cultures and the nomad Citizenship of modern times. Although unitYgate was born between Portugal and Macao, believing that both are seeds of convergence and unity of different cultures, the project intends to grow and extent to other places from East and West. We trust we can extend UNITYGATE to Sweden already in 2014, through an artistic partnership with the project MAN MUST DANCE Transational Livestream Performance (under the Umea Capital of Culture 2014 Program). Other contacts are also being held in the East.
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