Unitygate 2015

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Unitygate is a Portal of Union through Art, based on the convergence of cultures and through an annual artistic and cultural exchange Platform between Macao and Portugal. With the motto “Unity on diversity”, this project, based on Dance, with a transdisciplinary and multicultural vision, crosses tradition and contemporary, promoting the exchange of knowledge and connections among groups, seeking therefore the holistic dimension of Art.

Its genesis is emphasised in bridges between Portugal and Macao, believing that both Macao and Portugal have conditions to be doors/seeds to dialogue, convergence and union of different cultures.

Betting in the cultural exchange, training and know how between these two cultures and their secular connection, this project grows roots and through them extends to other cultures in East and West.

Amalgama believes ever more THAT Unitygate is a live example that Art has no frontiers and is a privileged vehicle of union in cultural diversity. Art is a vital instrument in the building process of Humanity, an essential channel of connection with the Soul.


Sweden | July 25th to August 2nd
Portugal | Sep. 18th to Oct. 10th
Macao/Taiwan/HongKong | Nov. 7th to 29th

– Companies and Artists from Portugal, Macao, Taiwan, Sweden, USA, India

Expresses in 3 Gate-Territories

Portugal | September: Macanese, Swedish and American artists coming to Portugal
Macao/China | November: Portuguese artists going to Macao | Taiwan | Hong Kong
Swedish | August : Portuguese artists going to Sweden
(other countries to be included in future editions: India, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, United Kingdom,USA)

Main Objectives

– To develop an East West Platform that unites Gate-Territories
– To promote creativity, share of multidisciplinary and multicultural knowledge, create synergies between cultures within each territory, on the way to a New Age Art, with a holistic and transversal sense, aware of nowadays nomad citizenship;
– To promote fluxes and cultures, artists, knowledge, investing in research, co-creations, artistic development and fluxe of Diasporas.
– To promote a continuous learning through the Art, in the different areas and cultures, manifesting the essence of each culture and each individual;
– To contribute to the building of individuals and societies of union through difference, of knowhow, open to knowledge, vision, tolerance, prosperity, growth and peace.

“Bridging the Gap” Think Global, Act Local, Make the connection!


Workshops Platform
An intensive week of workshops and creative research conducted by Kompani Nomad artists addressed to Sino Luso partner artists.

– Sami Traditional Dance
– Sami Traditional music and singing
– Photographic and video recording
– Historic and traditional research of Sami culture
– Rehearsals for a Sino Luso Sami joint creation
– Receive MA Workshops

– Work In Progress – Sami Artistic Residence (Fatmomakke, Sweden)

5 cities – Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Mafra, Porto

Workshops Platform
Two weeks of intensive workshops conducted by Macanese and Taiwanese artists – from Stella & Artists, TDSM, Mil Homens Studio, Dancecology, Candy Kuok, Karen Peterson and Dancers, Kompani Nomad among other guests:

– Outdoor Photography
– Jazz Funk/Urban Dance
– Multimedia
– Ten Chi Tessen
– Pyhscial Theatre Devising
– World Music
– Staging the Screen
– Yoga for dancers
– Plastic Arts/Painting Movement
– Classical Ballet/Floor Barre
– Japanese Culture
– Contemporary Dance
– Traditional Chinese Dance
– Traditional Indian Dance
– Portuguese Traditional Dance
– African Dance and Percussion
– Historical Dances
– Creative Writing & Movement

“My soul rejoices when the torrents of joy that flow from East to West merge their rumour into a deep harmony of sense”
Rabindranath Tagore


– Press conference
– Opening Session – Unitygate Project 2015 opening Show, open to press, guests and the general public, including excerpts and small performances of the involved artists, and excerpts of the work conducted in Macau and proposed in Portugal.
– Indian Day – Traditional Indian Dance and Music and Contemporary Dialogs
– Open Art Session – Arts and Culture open meeting – Lisbon
– Video/Lecture program, showing interview documentary, videography and animation with theme on the development of cityscapes of Macao/Portugal & Lecture presenting the creative project
site specific – “OFF | SITE” – Lisbon
– Opening of the Macanese artists Exhibition (photography & painting) with music and dance, with guest artists -“Memory Blueprint II” Dance Theatre Show performances – Soda City Company, Candy Kuok – Lisbon
– World Stage Festival – a multicultural meeting of traditional dance and singing – Jardim do Cerco, Mafra
– Estoril Stage | Unitygate Performance – Presentation of the Companies and guest Artists creations & the new Sino Luso Creation Work in Progress (a creative research work) – Casino Estoril
– Dance Ecology Company Taiwan – Site Specif and Filme Dance (Portuguese’s artists)
– Mixed Ability – Show of the guest company Integrated Dance from Miami USA, Karen Peterson and Dancers, Amalgama and LPDM, – Lisboa
– Hindo/Luso – Meeting of music and dance, and Ws of Katak & Amalgama Movement creation improvisation – Porto

“Culture is as a tool for happiness, as a weapon to civility, as a way to understand the people you want to talk.”
Helena Vaz da Silva

 PHASE III – MACAO/TAIWAN/HONG KONG – November 7th to 29th

Presentations and Shows

A series of events that allow visibility, share and reflection of the involved artists work as well as the Sino Luso relationship:

– Opening Press Conference – Opening Ball
– Continuity of the new Sino Luso joint creation “Reflections” with Portuguese / Taiwanese / Macanese artists (Musicians, Dancers, Photographers, Filmmakers / Video) – Partners – Stella & Artists | FDS | Casa de Portugal | Macau no Coração | Taiwan | Universities
– A public presentation of the Entities and professional artists involved in the Project, music, dance, video. The intention is to show the different work of professional nature from Portuguese and Macanese artists and companies involved in Unitygate:

– Amalgama Dance Company
– Stella & Artists | Four Dimension Spacial | Ieng Chi
– Soda City Experimental
– Dancecology

– Open Art Session of Music and Dance, promoting the meeting with local and Unitygate artists. (articulation with local artists)
– Lectures and Art, with public entities linked to sino Luso areas)
– Photography exhibition and multimedia
– Filme Art Dance
– Ws and Presentations in Taiwan / Hong Kong

* Program subjected to chances

“Certain of the importance of the project in cultural relations between Macau and Portugal and its growth potential in the near future to other parts of East and West, Unitygate It is a portal of convergence and unity in difference through Art, creating bridges and cultural exchanges.
Joining in the difference through Art, the Path of a New Time.”
Alexandra Battaglia


Amalgama Companhia de Dança
(+351) 919 580 569 • (+351) 914 891 616 • (+351) 912 248 775
Email: unitygate.info@gmail.com
DIRECÇÃO GERAL: Sandra Battaglia
Phone: (+351) 919 443 462
DIR. PRODUÇÃO: Joana Silva, Maria Esteves
Phone. (+351) 912 248 775 • (+351) 919 580 569
DIR.FINANCEIRA: Ana Cláudia Borges, Paulo Raposo
DESIGN GRÁFICO: Rui Vieira, André Faria

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